Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mid-April? What?

I can't believe it's already mid April!  I said that would update y'all shortly and it's now been a couple months!

I'm trying to think on what to update everyone on.  There's been some changes but nothing way huge-oh wait, except for that one thing.  I'll get to it :)

Lets start with CJ.  He started going to a therapeutic preschool that is for kids with developmental delays.  He's also in speech therapy.  He's also supposed to be in occupational therapy but we've been struggling with that one.  I have nick named him Chatty Cathy.  He just does not stop talking.  He's even talking in his sleep!  CJ is also really getting into sports.  He has asked me to sign him up for baseball.  June 1 he starts baseball (t-ball).  We're so excited!  Here at home we have started learning to play catch and we play football and soccer.

As for me?  I've been busy!  I'm in school full time.  I'm almost done with the semester!  I'm so excited to be done.  Then I'll have a grueling 7 week summer session but I'm trying to look at it as being that much closer to done :)  I'm hoping to graduate in Spring '12.

I haven't really been up to anything interesting.  I did however go to a really fabulous concert on the 6th.  Have you heard of a band called Honor Society?  If you haven't you really should check them out.  I mean they're cute and talented.

I had the honor of meeting them, attending sound check, getting autographs and leaving a lasting impression on them LOL  I'll post about that last part later LOL

 From L to R Alex, Jason, me, Mike and Andy

They are all really awesome.  In every city they go to they volunteer and host food drives for the the Salvation Army.  I'm really excited my friend Lauren turned me on to them :)

Anyway, I'll do a post about them and the lasting impression I made on them another day.

Here's to hoping that I keep up with the updating right?

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Ashley said...

So happy to have you posting and updating us! :) WOW what a great opportunity! I have never heard of them but, how fun is it to have met them and have gotten to hang out with them! They are super cute! :) Can't wait to hear your story about them too.