Sunday, May 31, 2009

So much excitement!!

Today was a fabulous day...the only thing I have to show for it is my wonderful sunburn from the Rockies v. Padres game. Thankfully, the Padres won. Here's what I ended up wearing:

I forgot purple was the main color for the Rockies LOL All in all it was fun. If you read my past blog you know I went with a guy I met off the internet...we'll call him 'E'. 'E' is a great guy. He's cute, nice, passionate about his job, and over all is very down to earth. I definitely want to go out with him again. When we had to part ways to go to our cars he said "This was fun. We should talk soon and do it again sometime". What does that mean?

Another cause of excitement is that I saw the New Moon trailer on the MTV Movie Awards. I about crapped my pants from excitement. New Moon isn't my favorite book in the series but this film looks a bazillion times better than Twilight.

And finally...have y'all heard of Polyvore? It's amazing! You can create outfits, you can shop and it's like heaven online...sigh. I'm in love :)

CJ and I are still waiting for the eval. I am to call back at the middle of this week and see where we are in the inprocessing process. I'll keep you updated.

How was everyone elses weekend?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm going on a date... a baseball game! How exciting is that?? It's not with the guy my friend 'A' met at the bar. He's an interesting fella...he's already lied! Go figure!

Anyway, coincidentally I'm watching the Rockies v. Padres. Why is this a coincidence? Good question! I didn't know who they were playing when I accepted the date, please keep that in mind. The last time I went to a game was Summer 2005. CJ was 8ish months old and I got Padres tickets from one of my friends. We showed up and she handed me the tickets and it said they were playing the Padres. So now, that I'm going to a baseball game its the Rockies v. Padres. I don't know who to root for...I'm thinkin the Rockies because fans here are pretty hard core if you go against their teams!

Wish me luck.....I'm planning on wearing cut off jean shorts, a white scoop neck tee, black flip flops and black sunglasses. I'll probably carry my black Coach bag since it's already packed LOL Can I bring in my own bottle of water?? I'm broke and don't want to spend money on snacks... Let me know what you think about the outfit!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beer goggles

So on Saturday night I was peacefully sleeping in my bed. Around midnight my friend, A, texts me to tell me she's found a great guy for me. She's going to have a game night and introduce us. Sweet, I thought. I asked her the basic questions of age and is he cute and she replied with 24 and yes. Sweet! I thought again. Game night was scheduled for Sunday evening.

Sunday she got sick and we haven't spoken of mystery man, J, since.

Til today. He texted her and I finally have seen a picture of him. He's cute! He looks like a nice guy. According to A he would "cook you breakfast the next morning if you went home with him". I love my friends. Apparently that's what started them talking!

Even when my friends are trashed and wearing beer goggles they still have my singleness in mind. Thank you friend. Who knows, maybe I won't be single for long...not getting my hopes up though LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just kidding...

I changed my mind with the colors :) I like this color scheme a little more :)

Yellow and Gray

I love this color combination, maybe throw in some pretty is that? Especially for a wedding or something???

Anyway, enjoy the new layout :) Thanks to Leelou Blogs for the gorgeousness!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

One of the WTF's of dating...

I hung out with a cool guy yesterday. We hit it off really well. CJ played at the park with his friends while I hung out with this dude. We laughed and we were both looking forward to our plans the next night.

He canceled them because he thinks I don't take pride in my body and that he doesn't appreciate women who "let themselves go" after having a baby. Uh hello? I have not let myself go? Could my eating habits change a bit? Sure! Could I run more? Sure! But in no way am I fat like he so generously said I was!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's Out...

For everyone but me LOL Today is my first official day in the Paralegal program at CTU. I'm very excited. I should be done in Aug/Sep of 2010.

In other good news...I meeting with a bride next week that's getting married in the BAHAMAS! Unfortunately she already has a planner out there, but I'll be doing her reception :) Well, lets just say I'm confident enough to know that I'll be doing her reception :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm so single it hurts LOL

My sons father is in town and I was so excited because I could get out and have fun and be an adult.

I tried and failed.

I went on a date with a nice guy, but wow. I'll leave it at that. There is a reason he's dating online! I've been an online dater off and on for a couple years. It's starting to really suck! I want me a good man...what does it take to get a good man?

So, to all of you, if you know a cute single guy, will you send him my way? Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You know you need to go to the gym when...

....your son pats your tummy after dinner and says "Mommy, it's time to go to the gym". Ouch.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I'm a shovel!"

I could write several posts a day about the funny things CJ says. He is such a crack up. Today is no different!

CJ has a thing about always being first. He must open the door, get in first and shut the door. Case closed. Well, I'm tired of it! LOL

So CJ and I were walking out of Subway and he had to be first. We got out the door and I stopped him and told him that was he was doing was rude. I pointed out the mommy is a girl. A girl is a lady and you always let lady's go first. He looked at me like I was growing a second head. I said "Yep, it's true, you should always let a lady go first. It's called being chivalrous. Can you say chivalrous?" He laughed and said.

"I'm a shovel mommy!" He smiled and laughed. My son, the shovel. I'm so proud LOL