Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions 2010

We all make resolutions, and if you're like me you're gung ho about them for a few weeks then it fizzles out.  Well, I got an early start on my resolutions and started the a week before.  I needed to do it for me-and that's what MY resolutions are about.

Here they are:

1. Leave CJ's dad alone.  I have to come to the conclusion that I have been facilitating a relationship between the two of them since I can remember.  He's not one of those daily dads, but he seems to be a dad when it matters (sometimes).  The facilitating I thought was for CJ's benefit, but I've come to the conclusion that I was doing it because I wanted CJ to have a dad.  It's his dad that needs to step up to the plate.

2. Lose these 50 pounds.  I started out at 197, lost 10 pounds and kept it off for a year.  Then about a month before my 25th birthday I had realized that I started gaining back that 10 pounds so I decided to really do it this time.  I did really well, but since Thanksgiving I have really slacked off after losing 18. My goal is to get down to the 120's by next Christmas.  That's about a pound a week...

3. Do more for me.  Sounds simple, I know.  2010 is going to be big year-CJ will be getting the help he needs and my life will focus on getting him to the therapies and school, then in the fall he will start Kindergarten!  I'm not going to have a lot of time for myself.  I'm going to set aside time each week to do something just for me-no one else!

4. Be better with money.  I have struggled with money since I got my first dollar.  It always burns a hole in my pocket.  I have great intentions but have a severe lack of follow through.  I do have a budget, now I just need to follow it.  I think this correlates with resolution #2, if I stop doing fast food practically everyday, I can lose the weight.

To some people four is a lot, to others it may seem like I'm not admitting enough to myself about what I need to change.  I'm a firm believer that change is a gradual process and too many changes at once is setting yourself up to fail.  Maybe I'll have mid-year resolutions.  That's actually a great idea :) My birthday (7/1) is halfway through the year, so that's what I'll do :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was so wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for a more special Christmas than the one I had yesterday.

This was the first year that CJ understood about giving and receiving.  He did get a little greedy, but it was quickly corrected.

I got the best Christmas gift ever yesterday.  I actually started to tear up when I heard the story behind it.  CJ was so proud to give me his gift.  Once it was opened my mom explained that they talked about what he wanted to get me for Christmas.  According to her, he said "A flashlight to see the ghosts".  Apparently there are ghosts in the house LOL  Well, off to Target they went.  They have a huge wall of flashlights and he stood there deciding which color to get.  He named all the colors then his little eyes settled on the purple one.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best gift I ever received was from my five year old little man-a bright purple flashlight that came with a keychain flash light!  I wanted to cry-it's so special.  Something I will never ever forget...

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright.  I thank Jesus everyday for each and every one of you that take time out of your day to read about lil' ol' me and my little niche in the world.  I pray that each of you has had a year full of peace and joy!

God bless!

Glee Flash Mob

I don't know what a flash mob is-from what I can tell it's a group of people that perform in public places.  I saw this on Perez Hilton's gossip page-I love celeb gossip, so shoot me LOL- and I thought I had to share!

If you're a Glee-k, you'll enjoy this.  It makes me want to go buy the CD!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I don't know about y'all but I love the wish list function when I'm online shopping.  I have one running at Victoria's Secret, American Eagle, Aeropostale, LuLu's and I'm sure at other places I won't remember until I get an email from them LOL  It's like window shopping, but on the computer :)

I also do this to see how much I would spend if money weren't an option-at Victoria's Secret I think it was near $1200.  That was for a lot of stuff, and several of single items.  Ouch LOL  I've also found it to be a great way to tell people what I want.  I simply send them my wish list list :)

This year was the first year I didn't make a Christmas list.  Usually I do, but I didn't this year.  I didn't know what to write on it except gift cards.  My mom said she didn't need one.  The only things I can remember dropping hints on were:

I don't think I said I wanted a pink one, but if my mom knows me, she'll know I'll want pink.  At this point though-I'd be happy with any color LOL

found here
My mom and I were at Penney's and we both fell in love with the purse.  She bought one for herself.  But come to think of it-I have yet to see her use it LOL this something I'm getting?

What did you ask for?

Oh, and since tomorrow is Christmas....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekend Update

or is it a recap?  I think that would have been a better word, but whatevs.

As my last post suggested I was sick all weekend and week previous. 

On Friday my mom  graduated with honors from Penn State.  She now has her Masters in Project Management.  Mom-I'm so proud of you.  2009 has been such a great year for her!  She flew to PA with my dad so she could walk in her ceremony.

I got my Christmas tree in the mail!  I know, sounds weird, but I ordered it from because I don't have a way to get it home-it was only 97 cent shipping!  It's a 7 foot prelit (white) tree.  I love it.  I've never been a fan of artificial trees but being single and it just being CJ and I, I've decided to conform.

Yesterday, Monday, was a very big day in our house.  I know it wasn't the weekend but it was too big of a day for me.  CJ had his last autism evaluation appointment.  We go the results...and...he's NOT autistic!  Such a relief.  So, if he's not autistic then what's wrong with him? That's what I asked the psychologist.  He has a language/speech disorder (he's at about a 3 year old level) and a sensory/processing disorder.  That's the formal name.  It's such a relief to have answers!

Today, CJ and I just chilled.  He had a lunch date with Grandma.  He loves going out with Grandma! Who doesn't? Grandma is so fun to shop with!  While alone I relaxed, loaded the dishwasher and brought Santa gifts in the house!

I can't wait for Christmas!

Oh, and I know I've been slacking on the picture thing lately.  Well, we haven't really done anything that warrants pictures.  I know, we suck LOL  I'm hoping that with school starting next month for both of us and making new friends there will be plenty of opprotunity for some pictures :)  That and CJ decided to play with my camera and managed to rip off the front of the lens.  Gotta love a point and shoot-I think it might be time to upgrade to a nice camera that he is not to touch!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello lovelies...
 I'm writing to y'all to see if you have any remedies to help with a sore throat.  My throat is so raw that when I cough it feels like razor blades are cutting my throat.  Any help would be fantastic.

Thank y'all ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Rack

My Jersey Nickname is The Rack.  Wow, sounds phenomenal!  I cannot seem to understand the Jersey show on MTV.  It seems like another Real World-just too much drama for me! 

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sorry y'all for being non-existent.  I have been very very sick.  I should have listened to my dad when he said I should go get my flu shot.  The bodyaches and fever really suck-but that's not saying the runny nose and cough/sore throat are a blast LOL  I should be back to normal and back to commenting in the next couple days!

Love and God bless!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Takin it back to the old school...

I don't know about y'all but I was madly in love with NSYNC and any other boyband that was hanging around from 97-2000.  I do occasionally like to reminisce and enjoy their music.  So for the last few evening CJ and I have been having dance parties to upbeat Christmas music.  Here's what we've been rockin!

And my personal favorite-one that will never get old:

Weekend Recap

I had such a fantastic weekend!  I haven't been to a Christmas party in ages and that's exactly what I was up to this weekend.

My anal retentive planner self layed out everything I wanted to take (Christmas card, camera, purse etc) and was walking out the door when my son called to me saying he needed a "kiss hug".  I set it all down, gave him some more loves, then grabbed my purse and left.  Oops...

So there's no pictures of me and the host or any other pictures except the ones his daughters took.  Here is the only one I seemed to make it in :)

Myself, Carlos and Kelsey-I met them at the party
*note* I look preggers in this picture and I'm so not LOL  The tablecloth behind me is adding a baby bump LOL

I just love my earrings.  I got them from Charlotte Russe like two years ago and have never worn them!  I wore a dress from Old Navy, black tights from ON and boots from Target.  I looked hot :) See?? 

Taken with my cell phone :)  Sorry about the quality!

CJ and I saw Santa this weekend (well, Thursday LOL).  He asked Santa for Thomas, Gordon and James.  He only wants three presents he said.  Well, sorry kid, before they even came up on your list, mommy's been shopping and so have others and Thomas, Gordon and James were not in the cart!  Plus, at upto $25 a pop for a little thing, you'll have to settle for the Thomas, Percy and some other engine squirting bath toys! LOL

I hope you all had a great weekend!  If you have Santa Believer's in your house check out The 2009 Santa Tracker by Norad  On Christmas Eve you can use Google Earth to see where Santa is and in the mean time there is an elf village with cool buildings.  Once in the buildings you get to play games.  CJ and I have been having a blast!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I just got home from my Christmas party and I'm beat!  I forgot my camera so I have to wait for pics to be posted on Facebook before I can show the 2 or 3 I was in :)  I had fun and will update about my weekend on Monday :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cards...

...are going in the  mail tomorrow!  If you want one, hit me up with your address!  I love getting Christmas cards, so let me know if you want exchange them!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Amber Watson Events has been on the radio all day!  Because of a donation I dropped off I've been getting free radio promotions!  Woo hoo!  Plus, I got meet the producer for KISS FM Colorado, Chris Kelly, and he's was a sweet dude.  He had sunglasses on-I wonder if he's cute?  LOL  Is he single? LOL

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm such an idiot...

So I've been really slackin the workout department.  Like I haven't been in about 10 days kind of slackin.  I have a good reason though!  I cannot for the life of me find my tennis shoes!  I know that sounds awful but I have torn my  house and my car apart looking for them!  ARGH!  I know what's going to be on my Chrismtas list now!

I really want to lose weight and I'm trying hard, but honestly the fact that I'm maintaining and a cool 170 makes me happy.  Once I get back in the workout spirit (and find my shoes) that number be droppin!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The nerve of some people and ICE SKATING!

So I ended things with S.  To put it lightly he is really upset-which is understandable.  He's doing somethings that are just not cool.  I ended things with him and asked for a clean "break".  He sent me a text, then called then sent a closure email and now I just got chewed out over text message because of my blog.  I told him in passing that I blogged but NEVER gave out the address.  He Google'd me and found my blog and read what I had said and gave me a verbal lashing in text messages about how I completely fabricated everything I said to him-mainly the reasons of why I ended things.Well, that really peeved I responded.

I quickly reminded him that I gave him the exact reasons as what was written in my blog-I did omit the family history when I talked to him, but it was still a reason.  He got really upset that I would judge him and his family without knowing them.  In my defense, knowing what I already know-it made me uncomfortable.  I told him that what he did was wrong (searching out my blog) and that he needs to leave me alone and never contact me again.  I told him I would prefer it if he didn't read my blog, but that I couldn't stop him.

Anyway, I won't re-hash all the details.  After I responded to him, the real reason came out of why he's so upset.  He RSVP'ed for "2" for the first time to his company Christmas party on Saturday and now I've left him dateless.  He did say he would not text/email/speak to me ever again.

Wow, gotta love late night drama, eh?  Glad it's over!

Onto bigger and better things!

CJ and I did not decorate the tree but we did go ice skating!

We had just stepped onto the ice.  They don't allow cameras on the ice so the super awesome staff members took a pic for me then held onto my camera in their little hut thingy.

He started with the trashcan but decided that the wall was a better choice.

But he quickly realized he could go more places if he had the trash can.

My big boy didn't quite get how to skate so he spent most of the time "running" on the skates.  He fell and we both cracked up every time he did LOL  We were there for nearly two hours, but it started to get way to cold.  Our high today was like 31 or 32-when we left the OUTDOOR rink it was in the high twenties LOL  We were freezing!

We're going again next week so my dad can get pictures of he and I together.  My dad probably won't skate LOL

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas ish Randomosity

Do you like my made up word? It's like Kimora Simmons Fabulosity-except mine is Random.  My line will be out in the spring...just kidding :)

Anyway...I'm feeling a bit bi-polar with Christmas quickly approaching.  It's hard with my parents in two different places.  They both want to live at home, but it's just not possible with their work.  I am a huge fan of tradition and the last couple years we haven't been able to go and celebrate our traditions.  I was thinking of starting new ones with CJ, but I think I'm going to wait until we are in our own place.  As every year, finances are tight so gifting has become a challenge.  And lastly, this one is very selfish, I don't have that "special someone" to share Christmas with.

I love Christmas...year round LOL  I've decided to not be so blah about Christmas.  I am going Christmas shopping on Saturday, so I'm excited about that.  It'll give me a chance to get out of the house (alone!!!!) for a couple/few hours and do what I need to do.  I decided that CJ and I are going to turn on some Christmas music (Manheim Steamroller), bust out the tiny fake tree and decorate it until nothing else will fit on it.  I think we will do that today (Friday).

How are y'all doin with Christmas?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Okay, I'm an online shopper.  I love shopping online almost as much as I love shopping in person :)  Plus, I love to get mail and who doesn't like receiveing boxes in the mail?

Anywho...have y'all hear of Ebates?  If you go to Ebates and join, then shop from them, you get a percentage of your total as "cash back".  Um hello, who doesn't want to get money back?

Go to Ebates and join.  Follow my link and you'll get $5 :) I'm excited because Target, JC Penney, J. Crew and about 1200 other stores are on there...even Bloomingdales and the Apple Store.  Bath and Body Works is on there too...seriously, I love it!  Hurry up and go shop!

I don't know what to do...

I've been MIA for the last couple days.  My days have been filled with dealing with the VA (don't ask)  and talking with S.

S came over last night and things were a lot different than when we went out on Sunday.  He's a total sweet heart, very nice but I almost felt unsafe with him.  I knew he had a bit of a past, but I didn't know how troubled it truly was until last night.  He also shared some tidbits of information about his family that did not give me warm fuzzies.  All that aside, I just didn't have that spark with him.  I chocked it up to being tired and so when he went in for the good night kiss I gave in and kissed him real quick-nothing too graphic LOL  It did not feel like a kiss that I would share with someone I'm interested in :(

So this morning after a good nights rest I did some reflection and I've decided I'm not going to see S anymore.  He is a super sweet guy, but he's not the guy for me.  How do I tell him? How do I do it? He lives 30ish minutes away, so the phone, text or email is the way it's gonna happen.  The phone is probably best but what do I say to him?  I hate breaking up with people-well in our sense be the one to stop dating.