Thursday, October 29, 2009


SEVENTEEN inches of snow is what has fallen in the great city of Fort Collins.  How insane is that??  Well, it's insane because we don't usually get this much snow all at once.  Thankfully tomorrow will be in the 40's and it will start to melt off.

Anyone want to come shovel the driveway for me? I can't get out :) Thanks LOL

Oh, and hi new followers!  I have 18! Woo-hoo!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Cards

I know it's not Halloween yet, but over at Polka Dot Mom, she's having a giveaway for Christmas note cards.  These are right up my alley!!

To enter, head on over!

Boots Boots and More Boots!

I'm a fashionista in training.  I'm learning from fellow bloggers and certain celebrities (love Hilary Duff).  I'm still trying to get my scarf to look right LOL

I love me a cute pair of boots.  I can't get enough of them!  My issue is my calves.  I have fat calves LOL  If I'm not tucking my jeans into my boots I can get regular boots to fit, but with jeans-it's a nightmare.

Did you know they make "wide calf" boots?  Me neither!

Here's some of my favorite pairs :)

Check them out here

Photo courtesy here

Yes, they are the same boot, just in different colors.  I'm loving the suede look this year :)

I screamed like a little girl

About 515ish this morning my son called to me saying he was cold. I told him to come sleep in mommy's bed. As soon as I got him all snuggled in and we were relaxed we heard a huge crash.

My initial thought was that it was someone breaking in. Then my brain said the house was haunted just like in the movie Paranormal Activity. I panicked LOL That movie scared the doo doo out of me. To see better I turned on my bed side lamp to find....

MY FULL LENGTH MIRROR FELL OFF THE WALL and smashed into a kajillion little pieces!!!

Word to the wise: mirror tape does not work! It's a waste! Secondly, I'm only going to use free standing full length mirrors now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GAP Casting Call

I entered CJ into the Gap Casting Call :) I beg you to please please go vote for him :) You don't have to register, you just have to click on vote. Once a day!

Fan favorite wins a trip for their family.

Gap Casting officials will pick 20 finalists (not based on votes). Five kids from each category. Then starting in December (I think) the people's vote will be tallied and the winner from each category get's a Gap Kids shopping card and their picture on every Gap Kids window across the country.

Please vote!

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Hey God, It's Me!

I consider myself a Christian.  I am just really bad and acting like one.  I have different views that what the Bible teaches and I've acted in such a way that I'm surprised I haven't been shunned from Heaven.

I know that no one is perfect.  I've committed a lot of sins.  We all sin daily.  It's part of human nature.  The last couple weeks or so it has been weighing heavily on me that something needs to change.  I used to go to a private Christian school, but even then I was never "on fire" for God.

After dating B, I realized how important Christ really is in life.  B, is an atheist.  There, I said it.  I thought would be okay with it because I was starting to consider myself for "spiritual" than religious.  Yeah, that wasn't workin out so well.  I have looked down on "hard core" "Bible thumping" Christians.  I'll admit it.  Was it a nice thing to do? Uh, NO!  We all have been given the gift of free will.  I chose to do more harm than good with my free will.

I've turned over a new leaf.  I feel that I'm being drawn closer and that I need to take care of my responsibilities.  I am a strong person, but without God I am weak. 

I didn't know where to start when it came time to get back on the path of righteousness.  I emailed a girl I've known since high school.  She is an amazing and smart woman.  She is on fire for Christ and it shows.  She's going to help me/talk to me.  I feel very fortunate to have her in my life :)

Thank you God for everything you have given me.  Thank you God for loving me unconditionally.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am in love...

...with this outfit!

I've had a hard time getting on the whole scarf and leggings kick, but this outfit changed my mind!  She looks great!  I may have to try this on for size!

I think this would be perfect for going to lunch or doing some shopping...what do y'all think?

PS: I wouldn't carry a bag quite that big...even though my son could probably fit in there LOL

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanna Win?

Reading blogs always cheers me up :) I read about the fun plans everyone has or the funny things that happened to them.  Or I simply laugh at their choice of football teams :) LOL I kid!

Anyway, over at Blissfully Enamored she's hosting a giveaway for these little beauties:

If you want to enter go check it out!  I want to win, so maybe you shouldn't enter LOL

Caput, Zilch, Zero, Notta, Ended, Over, Finito

At this freakishly unusual hour I cannot think of anymore synonyms for over and zero.  Brian and I broke up last night.  I did the breaking but it still hurts and sucks at the same time. 

I'm up at this unreasonable hour to take my mom to the airport.  I can't remember the last time I was up this early.  On the plus side she gave me $$ for gas and breakfast on the way home.  Who can complain about money? 

I'm still working on getting the pictures.  It's a long story but I'm still not using my computer.  The CD's that have been given to me with the pictures on it aren't being read and there aren't any files being found.

I've made some really important life choices in the last few days and it's worn me out.

I got back on the wagon last week and lost two pounds! Yay me!

Okay, that's all the updating I'm going to do.  I'm tired and feel like I'm rambling.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ah, another great debate.  I think I'm losing this one though LOL

So B and I were talking last night about clothes worn while in the presence of each other at each others houses.  When I go to his house (rarely) I wear jeans and a way cute top.  I would say cute shoes, but I seriously lack in the cute fall/winter shoes.  I only go to his house if we're going out since his house is on the way to most of the places we go.  When I am at my house and he comes over (a majority of the time) I am found in my yoga pants, a tank and a hoodie and I'm barefoot. He dresses the same no matter whose house we're at.

My "excuse" is that I don't do anything during the day.  I sit at home.  I don't have a lot of friends (Hi Nicole!) and I really only go out to the grocery store/Wal-Mart/Target.  When going out, I wear jeans, a tee and my Nike's. 

Oh, one more thing.  If we're going on a date I do my hair (straighten it or style it) and make up.  If we're not, it's usually in a pony tail.

So when he comes over, he usually sees me in yoga pants and a hoodie with a messy bun.

I asked him if he cared.  He said "no".  But then I asked him if I should and he said something along the lines of "it wouldn't hurt".

Ouch.  I think I need to start buying cuter clothes and shoes and getting ready for him to come over like I used to :)

What do ya'll think?

PS: I am having issues getting the pictures from CJ's birthday.  Hopefully soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Virus???

I wish I could say I was the one infected with a virus...unfortunately it was my computer.  My dad, a computer genius, got the viruses off of my hard drive via another CPU.  My computer is being put back together today so I can get back to playing!

I'm so excited for the birthday pictures to post of my little man!  I had so much was like a birthday weekend for him!

I'll be back up and running this evening or tomorrow morning!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Fun

Yesterday CJ had his Occupational Therapy appointment.  We were ready to go unusually early, so I took it upon myself to use the overcast day as a great day to get some pictures.

He loves pictures...I'm thinking he may be the Watson that belongs in front of the camera instead of behind it!  What do you think?

He posed himself for this...he said "I love this one!" when I
showed him the picture LOL

This is a very common face in our house these days.

I love this one :)  Who can't love this face?

PS: Don't mind the hole in his jeans...all of his pants are like that.  He spends countless hours crawling all over the floor and ground playing with his cars and trucks.

PPS: Why do my images get blurry when I post them?  They look good on my screen but on my blog they're all blurry!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My dad gave me a present...

I've been on a photography kick the last couple of weeks.  My dad is an amazing photographer.  My older and younger brothers are amazing photographers.  That's why they're all pros :)  I decided that I wanted to learn how to properly take amazing pictures.  I want to understand all the terms and gadgets on cameras.

Well, my dad came home last weekend and handed me this:

I'm so excited to use it!  Anyone have any tips and/or tricks?  Do you know of any good tutorials? I'm thinking about heading over to You Tube and watching some sweet videos.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yes, I'm Crazy

So from Sunday through Thursday morning I watched my friend's son, Mason. He's just a good kid. He's polite and doesn't care for fighting. Woo-hoo! LOL

So the funny thing about having Mason here was that he sang Jingle Bells...incessantly. I love me some Chrismtas music and hearing such a small voice sing Christmas tunes was great.

Well, with the snow on the ground and being cold, I've got Pandora rockin the Christmas music. I've heard some Mariah and now NSYNC just started. I love pop Christmas music :) My day is complete!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting Married vs Weddings

So yesterday I got "Get Married" magazine in the mail. I brought it in the house and left it on the stairs. Well, B was over after dinner for work. While he and I were sitting on the couch waiting for my little guy to go upstairs I was flipping through the magazine. Somehow we got on the subject of my obsession.

I love weddings. Since I was in like 6th or 7th grade I have just loved weddings. I can remember taping A Wedding Story on TLC so I could watch it. Now I have WE and on Sundays I get my fix :) Anyway, I saw an awesome table setting that I like and showed B. He didn't like it (I think it was too pink for him lol). Anyway, I showed him a couple more pictures and he told me I was obsessed with getting married.

I disagree. I'm obsessed with weddings. Hence why I love planning weddings! He knows that I have my own planned (well, just colors for each season LOL, and maybe chairs and a cake-sorta). To me, if I were obsessed with getting married then I'd be out trying to get married.

Please help us solve this. Is there a difference between being obsessed with weddings and being obsesses with getting married?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Oh wait, that's a lie :) There's no such thing as a white Christmas here in the Fort. LOL I think it's been about 10 years since I woke up to fresh snow on the ground on Christmas morning.

Anyway, this is the first snow of the season! Yay! It hasn't started sticking to pavement/streets yet but it's still pretty. The forecast is for snow all day :) I think some hot chocolate is in order!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When one falls, another brings him home.

Last night, I watched an amazing movie.

It was called "Taking Chance".

It's the true story of a soldier named LCPL Chance Phelps. He was KIA in April 2004. He was recruited in Clifton, CO and buried in WY. The film was about his journey home after being killed in Iraq. It's primarily told through the eyes of the Witness, or soldier assigned to escort the body home. I cried the whole time. Literally. Such a wonderfully simple story that is so powerful.

Having served in the Navy for four years, it's always hard to hear about the fallen. About the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that we can continue to live ours in a state of peace.

Even though Veterans Day is still a few weeks away, the fallen should be remembered everyday. Keep their families (both blood and military) in your thoughts and in your prayers.

Scarves, Scarves Everywhere!

So as of lately I've noticed a huge trend in scarves. I'm not sure how to wear them but I thought it would be great to learn and collect a few!

Kate at Simply Said by Simply Me is hosting a scarf swap! It's sure to be fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I've Been Nominated!

Thank you to who ever nominated me over at Divine Caroline! You rock!

I guess all there is left to say is please vote for me! They have some really awesome prizes!

You can click on the button below or at the top of the blog!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Shenanigans

Today CJ and I attended a function put on by the single parents group that I belong too.

Some of you know that I don't go to a lot of these events. I feel like it's very clique-ish and most of the time I'm too broke to go. There were several other parents there today so it was nice to see some new faces.

This is CJ and I getting ready...I love this picture.

This is where we went: Something from the Farm. I didn't realize it
at the time but we could have walked there LOL

CJ in the corn maze showing his wristband. He was very
proud of this thing!

CJ was on a quest to find a "tiny tiny" pumpkin and boy did we!

This is the Pumpkin Catapult and the Corn Cannon. They were really fun!
The owner built the catapult and canon and his kids helped run the place.

Over all we had a ton of fun. We accomplished our mission of getting pumpkins and playing in the corn maze. We even did a hay ride! All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better time!