Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Out of the mouth of CJ

So a lot of you know that I had a cocktail party on Thursday. My first of hopefully many to come. It was VIP party at The Magnolia Hotel ballroom in Denver. It was so much fun!

Anyway, I asked CJ if I looked like a princess...sometimes he doesn't understand the word pretty, but he understands princess LOL He furrowed his forehead, puckered his lips and and folded his arms. He then proceeded to tap his index finger on his lips and say "hmmm....lemme sink". As he's thinking (sinking lol) he's eyeballing me and hmmm-ing LOL Then he pops out with "not this time mommy" He laughed and went running away. I about died of laughter!

CJ and I are suffering from cabin fever. We've been cooped up inside. The weather hasn't been horrible but I'm so ready for the cold weather to go away. It sucks having to add so many layers to stay warm! CJ and I will be be park people today...hopefully if I can get motivated LOL

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