Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I'm a shovel!"

I could write several posts a day about the funny things CJ says. He is such a crack up. Today is no different!

CJ has a thing about always being first. He must open the door, get in first and shut the door. Case closed. Well, I'm tired of it! LOL

So CJ and I were walking out of Subway and he had to be first. We got out the door and I stopped him and told him that was he was doing was rude. I pointed out the mommy is a girl. A girl is a lady and you always let lady's go first. He looked at me like I was growing a second head. I said "Yep, it's true, you should always let a lady go first. It's called being chivalrous. Can you say chivalrous?" He laughed and said.

"I'm a shovel mommy!" He smiled and laughed. My son, the shovel. I'm so proud LOL


Nicoolmama said...

CJ is so funny!!!

Blueprint PR and Design said...

Haha! He's sooo cute!