Monday, September 28, 2009

Estes Park and Weekend Recap

So as my last entry suggested, my parents, myself and my son went to Estes Park on Saturday. To put it simply it was a very quick trip! The trees haven't changed yet and there was this huge festival going on that made the town nearly in-navigable (that's the word of the day).

We did manage to stop at the Stanley Hotel. When we got there it looked like a wedding had just finished. I would give my arms to get married at the Stanley, but it's soooooo expensive!

This is a picture that CJ took of my dad. You can see the wedding site and gorgeous hotel behind him. Stephen King wrote "The Shining" while staying at this hotel. Then they filmed the remake of the film here. Supposedly room 217 is haunted. I'd love to go on a ghost tour of this place!

This is me and my momma...and some random dude walking behind us.

My mom-CJ's "gandmom" and CJ. They're buds. If you ever need a great cup of coffee, they make the best. I think it's because of the love they add to it :)

After spending a riveting 20 minutes in Estes Park we left LOL CJ wasn't quite done taking pictures so he grabbed this beauty:

On Sunday, B and I went to his Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. It was fun. I met the people he volunteers with and ate some really yummy food. We followed the picnic with ice cream and laying under the shade of tree relaxing and enjoying each others company.

This may sound lame, but that's one of my favorite things to do. Just lay there, next to the person you're with and enjoying that moment. Whether you talk or not-it's never awkward.

Anyway, that was my weekend. I don't have any huge fantabulous plans this week except hit the gym. I have a goal to lose 25 pounds by Christmas. I can do it, I just need to behave myself :)

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