Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Falling off the wagon...

I know I don't have many avid readers, but for those of you that do read, all I can say is that I suck at updating. I could say I've been busy or whatnot, but in all actuality-I just didn't feel like updating. Maybe that's why my followers are now only at 13?

Anyway, let's do a quick recap shall we?

CJ is great. He's almost 5! Less than a month-about three weeks. I'm so excited but kind of sad at the same time :( My baby isn't a baby anymore. We're on a roll with the Autism screenings. We have two in the month of October! The really yucky one is on the 2nd...that's when they'll be taking blood from him. Who agrees that bribing my child with Toy Story 1 and 2 at the theaters is a fantastic idea? Okay, good-that's what I thought!

I was on a roll with the weight loss. That quickly came to a halt. For the last month all I really have to show for it is the FIVE pounds I gained back. Yeah, my butt is getting back to the gym and eating better. I can't say I got lazy, I just got happy!

Why am I happy? Because I have a great boyfriend. Yes, I am not single anymore! Woo-hoo!!! B and I made if "official" on September 5th. He is so awesome! How awesome? He brought me a gift last night. Dark chocolate and hot pink argyle slipper sock thingy's! The chocolate is so yummy and the socks- he got them because my feet are always freezing. How sweet is that?

Lastly, today is the first day of fall and it feels like winter! It's snowing in Denver and it's in the 40's here. I'm loving it since fall/winter clothes are so fun! The cold wind makes me want to crawl under my covers and just read, but I need to go the gym and do homework...

Well, that's the basic update. I'm going to get better at this updating thing. Sometimes I don't know what to write. Please accept this cute picture of my child as my gift to you for putting up with my slacker-ishness!

Who can't love a face like that? This is CJ modeling his fall wear. He picked out all of his clothes for the season! LOL


SHM said...

congrats on the new boy! hope all goes well. and your son is adorable.

Nicoolmama said...

I accept the picture. He is so funny! I love the short hair. See you Monday!!