Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yep, it's Monday. I've been neglecting my blog lately, so I thought Monday would be a nice fresh start. Thanks MckMama for this wonderful therapy! So let's get this started!

I did not ignore my blog since New Years Eve. I did not forget about it.

I did not break my word on doing the "picture a day" for 365 days. I didn't "forget" about it, I just didn't do it.

I did not give myself a coronary after seeing how far in debt one of my friends is. I did not worry about if she could make payroll. And I most certainly did not consider putting my resume out to other places!

I did not take CJ's words of "Mommy, you stink" that he yelled in my face, to heart. Nope, not me! I didn't start balling after he had been punished to his room!

I did not get started on my laudry, continue through with it, then forget the last load was in the washer for three days. I then restarted it. I then did not forget it was there again and forget it for another couple of days. Finally, after the third wash it was remembered :)

I did not get lazy and not take down my Christmas tree. I also did not consider just adding red and pink hearts to it and call it a "Valentines Day Tree". Nope! I would never do such a thing like that!

And finally, I did not call and harass the HR department of my old job to find out when W2's will be sent out. I really don't need the tax return this year!

What haven't you done??


Lynette said...

I clicked on you link from MckMamma's site.

about that tree... my mom actually does keep her tree up year round. She does a valentines tree, easter tree, summer tree, fall tree and a christmas tree! Don't feel too bad!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the laundry thing...that is pretty forgetful! lol

Wayne said...

What a great not me monday I really enjoyed reading all your not me's.