Monday, January 19, 2009

School starts tomorrow!!!

Yes, I am excited about school starting. It is my first day at a four year college. I could just die from excitement. At the same time, I could also pass out from being overwhelmed.

On Saturday, I bought my text books. I walked into the bookstore and about had a stroke. My school houses three schools: Metro State (where I go), Colorado University and Community College of Denver. Each school has their own section of the book store. I walked in and just had a huge overwhelming sense of "Oh crap". I almost cried. I'm used to a very small community college book store and now I'm standing in a 2 story, ginormous bookstore! I made it through the entire process without shedding a single tear.

However, I'm very nervous. I'm ready for this. This is what I've been striving for the last two years. I can do this, but I'm still very nervous.

I ask ya'll pray for me. This is huge for me. Yes, most of my classes are online, but Fridays I'm on campus all day...


Anonymous said...

Congrats girl!! I am very glad and wish you all the best for this new challenge in your life. You're gonna ace it!! I'm loving your enthusiasm... borrow me some? =)

Ashley said...

I hope it all went fabulously!! Give us an update when you can!