Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grown up time!

As a single parent it's really hard to find time to just be a grown up. My evenings are consumed with bedtime and bath. Then it's usually time for homework or just some quiet to time to unwind myself.

My parents have been super awesome at watching my goober so I can go out after he goes to bed. Last Sunday I left CJ with a real babysitter (the neighbor girl) for the first time. During those times I got to be a grown up!

Sunday was a blast. CJ was excited because he was going "hiking! Hiking! Hiking in woods!" with the girls. He had watched the Backyardagins the night before about hiking and apparently they sing that amazing song! I was really nervous to have him leave, but I knew he was in good hands. Since A, the babysitter, was one, I babysat her and her younger sister. Plus, her parents were going to be there so I felt better about it :) During his hike (his first one!) I went out to coffee for grown up time. I had coffee with B...sigh.

B and I are going on our second date (since our coffee date was four hours long we decided this was our second date lol) tonight. We're going to dinner and who knows what else. I am so excited. My dad is going to be watching CJ tonight so I can go on my excursion. Picking out an outfit has been hard! I will post pictures of it tomorrow...hopefully LOL

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