Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beer goggles

So on Saturday night I was peacefully sleeping in my bed. Around midnight my friend, A, texts me to tell me she's found a great guy for me. She's going to have a game night and introduce us. Sweet, I thought. I asked her the basic questions of age and is he cute and she replied with 24 and yes. Sweet! I thought again. Game night was scheduled for Sunday evening.

Sunday she got sick and we haven't spoken of mystery man, J, since.

Til today. He texted her and I finally have seen a picture of him. He's cute! He looks like a nice guy. According to A he would "cook you breakfast the next morning if you went home with him". I love my friends. Apparently that's what started them talking!

Even when my friends are trashed and wearing beer goggles they still have my singleness in mind. Thank you friend. Who knows, maybe I won't be single for long...not getting my hopes up though LOL

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