Sunday, May 31, 2009

So much excitement!!

Today was a fabulous day...the only thing I have to show for it is my wonderful sunburn from the Rockies v. Padres game. Thankfully, the Padres won. Here's what I ended up wearing:

I forgot purple was the main color for the Rockies LOL All in all it was fun. If you read my past blog you know I went with a guy I met off the internet...we'll call him 'E'. 'E' is a great guy. He's cute, nice, passionate about his job, and over all is very down to earth. I definitely want to go out with him again. When we had to part ways to go to our cars he said "This was fun. We should talk soon and do it again sometime". What does that mean?

Another cause of excitement is that I saw the New Moon trailer on the MTV Movie Awards. I about crapped my pants from excitement. New Moon isn't my favorite book in the series but this film looks a bazillion times better than Twilight.

And finally...have y'all heard of Polyvore? It's amazing! You can create outfits, you can shop and it's like heaven online...sigh. I'm in love :)

CJ and I are still waiting for the eval. I am to call back at the middle of this week and see where we are in the inprocessing process. I'll keep you updated.

How was everyone elses weekend?

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