Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's beautiful day!

CJ and I have had such a great day! We started out a little late this morning (he's a good sleeper!) but we have had so much fun today!

I had my training session today at the gym...Ashlie kicked my boo-tay. It was awesome yet at the same time I totally hated her LOL She's awesome...I highly reccommend her. While I work out, there's a play place for the kids to go run around and have fun. CJ loves it there!

I've been trying (trying is the keyword lol) to eat better. I havent' been but the last couple days have shaped up. Today for lunch CJ and I cut up a bunch of fresh fruit. It was delicious...I love spring for this reason!

Once cut up we headed outside for a picnic in the front yard followed by some amazing "toss the football". Overall, it's amazing that after working out and eating right how much energy I really do have!

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The Constant Complainer said...

Hi Amber. You have a very interesting blog.

I was on Blog Catalog tonight doing some research for one of my own posts and I came across a link to your site. So I just got done reading a few of your previous posts.

I wish you luck with your business.

Anyway, I always try to comment on blogs when I like what I see.


Cleveland, OH