Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life Update

I have been rather neglectful of my blog lately. I've been busy on top of dealing with some major stressors.

So where do I start? Lets start with CJ. CJ has TriCare for insurance and they are denying him getting any further evaluation for autism. They are also denying him speech therapy, behavioral therapy and occupational therapy. Their reasoning is really quite ridiculous. According to the numerous letters I've received, they're not authorizing it because there is not enough clinical backing to prove that this is necessary. WTF??

I have stopped the job search. I know, sounds like I've lost my mind. Until we get the diagnosis and find out what exactly CJ will be doing for "treatments" I have decided that it's best that I don't start a new job. Upon coming to this conclusion I have also dropped him down to two days a week at daycare. I'm considering just pulling him completely. I'm not being treated very well by them. Long story.

I have been deep in thought about whether or not to keep my blog or not. I don't have too many people reading this blog...I have 8 followers. I haven't made any final decisions but I thought I'd throw it out there.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Amber and C.J,
I love you both very much and have missed you terribly. We left California for Montana on the 28th. which is why you didn't hear from me. The last I heard, we ( you and I) were going to get together on the 26th., but apparently weather changed that and then my vacation plans interferred. I'm sorry.
I love you both and am here for you.
Much love,
Aunt cheri

GingerSnap said...

I find that blogging is very helpful and is almost like therapy...plus its free and you get to meet some wonder people!