Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me and my doormat ways...

...have yet to completely disappear.

So, earlier I told you all my friend might be getting stationed in Camp Pendleton. Well, guess where he landed last night??? I'm truly excited for him. Here's the snafu...I haven't really heard more than a couple words from him since Thursday. He texts me last night at midnight (his plane landed 11 Cali time) and not only did I jump for joy, but I called him! Apparently a simple text wouldn't cut it for me.

If that's all I had done I would have been half way okay, but that's not it. He hurried me off the phone (he was getting bags and stuff) and so I texted him. We used to always text...well that was my excuse. I told him I missed my friend, he blamed himself, I told him it was "okay" bc he's been stressed and probably needed space, he said he missed me too and he was sorry and I forgave him. The last text was me saying he was forgiven. I didn't get a good night, or a thanks or anything. He's left me hanging again.

I'm such a doormat. My doormat ways will not leave. After being "good" for so many days I revert into old habits. ::sigh:: Why do guys do this crap?

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