Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had such a fantastic weekend!  I haven't been to a Christmas party in ages and that's exactly what I was up to this weekend.

My anal retentive planner self layed out everything I wanted to take (Christmas card, camera, purse etc) and was walking out the door when my son called to me saying he needed a "kiss hug".  I set it all down, gave him some more loves, then grabbed my purse and left.  Oops...

So there's no pictures of me and the host or any other pictures except the ones his daughters took.  Here is the only one I seemed to make it in :)

Myself, Carlos and Kelsey-I met them at the party
*note* I look preggers in this picture and I'm so not LOL  The tablecloth behind me is adding a baby bump LOL

I just love my earrings.  I got them from Charlotte Russe like two years ago and have never worn them!  I wore a dress from Old Navy, black tights from ON and boots from Target.  I looked hot :) See?? 

Taken with my cell phone :)  Sorry about the quality!

CJ and I saw Santa this weekend (well, Thursday LOL).  He asked Santa for Thomas, Gordon and James.  He only wants three presents he said.  Well, sorry kid, before they even came up on your list, mommy's been shopping and so have others and Thomas, Gordon and James were not in the cart!  Plus, at upto $25 a pop for a little thing, you'll have to settle for the Thomas, Percy and some other engine squirting bath toys! LOL

I hope you all had a great weekend!  If you have Santa Believer's in your house check out The 2009 Santa Tracker by Norad  On Christmas Eve you can use Google Earth to see where Santa is and in the mean time there is an elf village with cool buildings.  Once in the buildings you get to play games.  CJ and I have been having a blast!

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