Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions 2010

We all make resolutions, and if you're like me you're gung ho about them for a few weeks then it fizzles out.  Well, I got an early start on my resolutions and started the a week before.  I needed to do it for me-and that's what MY resolutions are about.

Here they are:

1. Leave CJ's dad alone.  I have to come to the conclusion that I have been facilitating a relationship between the two of them since I can remember.  He's not one of those daily dads, but he seems to be a dad when it matters (sometimes).  The facilitating I thought was for CJ's benefit, but I've come to the conclusion that I was doing it because I wanted CJ to have a dad.  It's his dad that needs to step up to the plate.

2. Lose these 50 pounds.  I started out at 197, lost 10 pounds and kept it off for a year.  Then about a month before my 25th birthday I had realized that I started gaining back that 10 pounds so I decided to really do it this time.  I did really well, but since Thanksgiving I have really slacked off after losing 18. My goal is to get down to the 120's by next Christmas.  That's about a pound a week...

3. Do more for me.  Sounds simple, I know.  2010 is going to be big year-CJ will be getting the help he needs and my life will focus on getting him to the therapies and school, then in the fall he will start Kindergarten!  I'm not going to have a lot of time for myself.  I'm going to set aside time each week to do something just for me-no one else!

4. Be better with money.  I have struggled with money since I got my first dollar.  It always burns a hole in my pocket.  I have great intentions but have a severe lack of follow through.  I do have a budget, now I just need to follow it.  I think this correlates with resolution #2, if I stop doing fast food practically everyday, I can lose the weight.

To some people four is a lot, to others it may seem like I'm not admitting enough to myself about what I need to change.  I'm a firm believer that change is a gradual process and too many changes at once is setting yourself up to fail.  Maybe I'll have mid-year resolutions.  That's actually a great idea :) My birthday (7/1) is halfway through the year, so that's what I'll do :)

Happy New Year everyone!

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Ashley Pizarro said...

Cheer to 2010 and your resolutions! You can do it! :)