Monday, November 30, 2009

The Date

Most people are recapping their Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Me? I didn't really have one.  I couldn't afford to go out of town, so I stayed here and it was a lot like any other day :)  It was still fun to spend the day lounging in pj's and eating anything I wanted.  My diet went out the window for that day :)

Well, like I posted yesterday, I had a date :)  It went soooooo well!  I am so happy :)  I met him on Match...I have to vent about Match but I'll save that for another day.

So let's call him S-just until I come up with a better nick name for him.  I joke around and call him old fart.  He's only 30, but he's 5 years older than me.  I know he's not old, but it's fun to tease him :)  Anyway, we decided to meet for "linner" (late lunch/early dinner) at Biaggi's.  I had only been there once before.  Funny enough, I sat at the same table as the first time I was there LOL  I was so nervous to meet him.  We had spent a great deal of time on the phone for the last few days so I felt confident about how much I knew about him and how he reacts etc.  Meeting in person is so different though.  When we arrived he had flowers for me and something in a bag.  The something in the bag was movies for CJ.  How sweet is that?  He remember me talking about them so he said that when he saw them he thought it would be nice to pick them up!  I gave him a hug and woah! He smells delicious!  I believe it was Armani Code ?? Can't remember.

Anyway, about halfway through linner it started to not feel like a first date.  It was like hanging out with someone I've known for awhile.  Biaggi's is in this really cool outdoor shopping center called Centerra.  You should check it out-it's pretty awesome.  So we decided to walk around.  We went into numerous stores and had fun picking stuff out.  We went to Bath and Body works and we were smelling things, giving our opinions and I smelled their Christmas candle called Frosted Cranberry.  OMG smells like something I could eat-which I vocalized and he bought 2 (since they were 2 for $20, virtually buy one get one free!).  One is for me and one for him-so that we could match :)  We headed into Barnes an Noble and looked at books and finished the evening with coffee :)

I had to get to CJ so we called it a night.  He asked me to go with him to his Christmas party next Saturday.  We texted a bit last night as well then ended up talking on the phone LOL  It was so much fun...sigh.

He's coming over Wednesday to watch a movie :)  I feel like I'm 13 and a boy that I have a huge crush on just said he likes me.  I have this huge grin on my face LOL

Now my only question is...what do I wear to a business (not dressy or cocktail) Christmas party?  Any ideas??  I'll go through my closet and post pictures of what I have but I'm never one to say no to shopping!

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Jessica Elizabeth said...

What a super cute date story! That is so so so exciting! I love that he got a present for CJ, what a great guy!