Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dieting and Working Out...I already did a weekend recap LOL

So as most of you know, I'm on the never ending track to losing weight.  I have my reasons for doing it...yes some of them are vain but the rest are purely for health!

Anywho...awhile back I bought this:

I would be good and do it for 2-3 days in a row but yeah, I'd quit.  Now, I need to change up my working out habits.  I love going to the gym.  My son LOVES it there.  Every morning "Mommy, we go to the gym?" How can you say no to a kid that wants you to work out?? LOL

I've been getting bored on the Elliptical (I was doing 60 min plus a 5 min cool down, burned 530-580 calories in that time).  It's a great calorie burner but I almost feel like my cardio isn't getting any better.  So I'm going to Shred myself!  I'm going to still do the gym, just not for an hour.  My plan is to do 30ish minutes on the elliptical and some light strength training every other day.  The day I don't do strength I'll have Jillian kick my butt :)

I'm also doing this awesome class: "Crunch Time".  The instructor likes to call it "Kens Killer Abs".  I'd like to see his abs LOL  He's not so hard on the eyes either.  I love the "man candy" at the gym LOL

Anyway, watch out swimsuit season!  There's gonna be a hot new bod out there!

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brooke said...

hey lady i can attest to the shred...i lost 25 lbs this summer...but that was doing it 5-6 days a week...and running...i definitely DEFINITELY recommend running on the treadmill if you can...i personally think running will do far more for you than the elliptical...and if you can run for long periods of time the 3 walk for three/run for three for 30 minutes is a great way to condition your body to being able to run longer!!! and yeyey for the 14 you've lost already!!!