Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap and then some...

This weekend was a complete blast.  Both of my parents were here and we were busy!

I picked my mom up on Friday from the airport and we went straight to lunch at Red Robin (CJ ate free-woohoo!) then went to New Moon!  It was like 10 million trillion times better than Twilight.  Chris Weitz, the director, did an amazing job and now I'm really excited to see Eclipse-even though that book just seems irrelevant LOL  CJ also had his first taste of teeny boppers LOL  Thankfully it wasn't too bad.  We went during the school day so that we could avoid the craze!

On Saturday we took pictures for our Christmas Cards!  It was so fun, but I didnt' think about wearing horizontal stripes...not good in pictures.  But, my dad did a phenomenal job!  Here are the top contendors!

I just love this picture...this is a very typical CJ look.  Excuse his puffy hair-his hair is just not manageable LOL

I blew this one up a bit so you could see our faces...we do this all the time.  I just love that this was a candid shot.  Great work dad!

I like this one but it just seems too forced and too not CJ and I.

Let me know what y'all think!

Here are more pictures that were taken.  We wanted family shots, but my brothers aren't here in the state.  But here's what we came up with.


This was a test shot, but I like it.  OH and yes, that is a yellow M&M man in the window, my mom is obsessed with them.

These are my 'rents and CJ. He loves his "gandmom" and "papa"

Later that night we all watched Star Trek.  My family is full of Trekkies so it was only natural for us to sit down and watch it.  It was so good...and Chris Pine is not hard to look at.  See:


Chris Pine in all his yummy Captain Kirk-ness

Then Sunday we all helped hang up Christmas decor outside.  I will post pictures of that later :)  I hope you all had a great weekend and have  a great Thanksgiving week!

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JessicaElizabeth said...

I love love love numero dos!!!! That is so freaking precious. And the horizontal stripes are super cute!