Friday, November 27, 2009


I swore I would be one of those moms that would keep track of every major milestone of CJ's.  I thought for sure I'd document his first word(s), when he rolled over or sat up.  I didn't.  I didn't even keep a lock of his hair from his first hair cut (that was a way stressful experience for mommy and baby).  Scoff at me if you want but I didn't do it.

But, yesterday, his first "school age" milestone happened!


How exciting????!!!  For some reason he thinks Tinkerbell is the Tooth Fairy, but what can I do?

Thanksgiving 2009 my little boy turned into a big boy.  ::sigh::

PS: The pic was taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't the greatest.  Also, please excuse my messy room :)

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Jessica Elizabeth said...

Aw that's adorable! He looks so happy!