Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day and Shopping

Today is Veterans Day.  To most people it's a day off.  To me, its the day that remember about the friends I've made and lost.  It's the day that I keep all veterans-young and old-in my prayers  With out our veterans, who know where our country would be today. Thank you all to the men and women that have bravely served and sacrificed for our country.  To those that I served with, it was a pleasure serving with you.

*UPDATED to add* I just wrote this post and remembered I need to call the VA (Veterans Affairs) about my GI Bill. So I called and went through the process of typing in all my info and then was promptly reminded the office was closed for the holiday.  Yes I'm a moron! 

On a different note...

Why oh why must American Eagle have their jeans buy get one half off??  WHY??? I love American Eagle jeans.  They make a flat butted person, such as myself, look like I have a little "junk" and the price is unbeatable!  Why must I be tempted with this?

And why Express do you keep sending me coupons? "Get $30 when you spend $75"  Why?  Thankfully, I'm not quite down to the size where their clothes fit comfortably.  Every now and then I get lucky and score a shirt, but it doesn't happen often!

I love to shop...Target had some cute sweaters and this vest thingy-cute! Heck, I rarely get clothes at Wal-Mart but the red and black plaid tunic/shirt dress thing that Miley Cyrus put out-way cute.  I'm going to pair it with leggings and black boots.

Anyway...I will not be shopping.  I have to keep myself limited each month on how much I spend on shopping.  Plus, I don't want to get a ton of new clothes then have them not fit because this woman is getting skinny :)

I'm off to the gym and my killer abs class with Ken.  I wish ya'll could see this guy...dreamy.  He said something last class that made me mad at the time, but I'm over it now "Quitting is a choice. Your brain will keep your muscles moving if you tell it to!"  I wanted to kick his butt!  I had just worked out for an hour and he's trying to tell me that I'm choosing to quit?  We'll see about that one.  Today I'm switching it up a bit-abs class then elliptical then Jillian.


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Nicoolmama said...

I am STILL laughing about you calling the VA today and me going to the damn county offices.

We are goobers.

Keep kicking ass on your workouts, woman!!!