Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Thanks to MckMama for this free therapy!

: I did not let CJ continue to sleep in my bed every night. Not me!! Cause what would that teach him about sleeping on his own?

: I did not about cry today when Adrienne posted that the birth mother is having second thoughts.

: I did not try to make brownies healthier by adding a cup of oatmeal then making them into cookies. Nope! Not me!

: I did not stay up late every night texting with a cute boy. No, I would never do that!

:I did not tell one of my friends that I have baby fever. Don't I need a husband first?

:I did not forget to mail my younger brothers birthday card out. Granted I still have a week or so, but I haven't been trying to remember.

:I did not start writing out Christmas lists LOL

What haven't you done?


-stephanie- said...

your adding oatmeal for a healthy cookie is like my eating pie for the healthy fruit that was in it. ha

Keyona said...

My daughter slept with me up until last year when she was 4! :o)