Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I love free therapy. I love reading all the Not Me!'s posted over at MckMama's Blog. Read them. Laugh. You'll thank me for it!

:: I certainly did not go see a vampire movie at midnight on Friday morning. I was not beside myself with giddiness for almost 3 days before seeing the movie. I did not read the series a few times. I did not read the first book, Twilight, over a dozen times. All this reading did not create a slight disappointment in the movie. I did not wonder if maybe I had hyped it up. I did not talk about said movie for almost an hour. At least I had fantastic company!

:: I did not tell my son that we'd put a Christmas tree in his room. I did not tell him he could also have lights hanging in his room. I would not create such a fire hazard in my child's room just because I'm obsessed with Christmas.

::I did not have to wash the same load three times. I did not keep forgetting that there were clothes in there. Oh, and I have not forgotten that that same load is still in the dryer.

::I did not ask my mom to not cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I did not ask if we could "just order pizza or something". I also did not used the excuse "You just got home from your trip and don't want you to feel that you need to cook a big dinner". I did not not feel bad when my mom told me that I'm taking away tradition from my soon. Nope, not me!

::I did not stalk other people's blogs for pure entertainment. I would never do such a thing!

::I have not lost sleep for the last couple of weeks just so I could spend more time talking/texting with Gary "Manny". I would never do something like that.

I did not do quite a bit...what didn't you do?

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