Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So as Thanksgiving day came to a close yesterday, I could not contain my excitement for today. Today is the busiest and most annoying shopping day of the year and I avoided it . I did not leave my house until lunch time, and that was to brave McDonald's so that CJ could blow off some steam. It was way to cold to play outside.

But it was definitely not too cold to play outside this evening (okay, really it was). CJ, Gary and I decided to watch them (I don't know who LOL) light up Centerra tonight. We counted down the lighting, then waited for about 40 minutes for a hayless hayride pulled by Clydesdale horses then went to the photo booth. Let's just say, we were frigid cold and could not wait until we got home to the warmth.

While waiting for the hayride, CJ kept Gary, myself and the crowd highly entertained. He pet everyone's dogs, took pictures with my camera and even posed in other people's pictures LOL He tasted, yes tasted, some painted flowers and ran laps around one of the various hearts of Loveland.

After we got home, we all ate Thanksgiving leftovers and then enjoyed relaxing on the couch. Overall, my black Friday was the best.

Enjoy the pictures!
CJ testing the taste of the painted flowers

Gary and I freezing while waiting for the hay courtesy of CJ

Inside the warm area aka the photo booth

At home, warm at last.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!



Ashley Beth said...

Hi Amber!
It looks like you have quite a cute little boy! Aren't they so much fun? Thanks for entering my little giveaway - you won! I will mail your new cozy bathrobe to you, but I need an address to send it to. Let me know where you'd like me to send it! I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving, Christmas will be here before we all know it! Take care,

Nicoolmama said...

Cute pics!