Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm horrible!

I am so bad at keeping this updated...I never have much going on except reading everyone elses blogs!

So lets see...the big 25 was July 1. My dad came down to celebrate my birthday with me. Originally we were just going to do something quick and easy (Taco Bell...yum LOL) but he said we could do Red Robin. I literally flipped out! I love it there!

Since then not a lot has changed. Friendships have molded and changed as well as life molding and changing. School is school. I finished the first class. The lame online experience class. Now its Government and Professional Communication. Next session is when I finally get to start the paralegal training! Woo-hoo! I'm very excited :)

There really isn't a whole lot more. It seems that every week I get more and more phone calls from people I know telling me they're pregnant, getting married, or have met the most wonderful man. I'm starting to get a little jealous. I want that!

On a brighter note I've lost some weight! Back in July of 08 I started Weight Watchers with my mom. She's done amazing...over 100 pounds lost! For me...I lost about 10 pounds and quit going to WW. I then gained back the weight. Well over the course of the year I lost of 8-9 of those pounds and this week (since Friday) I've lost almost 2 POUNDS! How exciting! I'm counting calories and having fun at the gym. I feel great and not so sluggish. Woo-hoo! Tomorrow I will do my own "official" weigh in. We'll see how tomorrow morning goes!

Anyway, keep cool everyone! It's been hot here in CO lately!

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