Thursday, December 3, 2009

I don't know what to do...

I've been MIA for the last couple days.  My days have been filled with dealing with the VA (don't ask)  and talking with S.

S came over last night and things were a lot different than when we went out on Sunday.  He's a total sweet heart, very nice but I almost felt unsafe with him.  I knew he had a bit of a past, but I didn't know how troubled it truly was until last night.  He also shared some tidbits of information about his family that did not give me warm fuzzies.  All that aside, I just didn't have that spark with him.  I chocked it up to being tired and so when he went in for the good night kiss I gave in and kissed him real quick-nothing too graphic LOL  It did not feel like a kiss that I would share with someone I'm interested in :(

So this morning after a good nights rest I did some reflection and I've decided I'm not going to see S anymore.  He is a super sweet guy, but he's not the guy for me.  How do I tell him? How do I do it? He lives 30ish minutes away, so the phone, text or email is the way it's gonna happen.  The phone is probably best but what do I say to him?  I hate breaking up with people-well in our sense be the one to stop dating.

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Jessica Elizabeth said...

They always say that a woman's gut feeling is the best way to go. So good for you for sticking with your instincts! I don't know the best way to tell him. I guess just be honest and say you didn't really feel it....?